so many souls
hidden behind the curtains 
where they dance
with their desires
where they flirt
with their fears
in parades and facades
and a grad masquerade
conceal the stories
of time
invisible birthing
building on the fundaments
a recipe for failure
a recipe for succes
lift the curtains
lower your mask

A glimpse behind the scenes, to see how something comes about. How “it” is built and developed. A beautiful proces to watch, listen or be part of. I notices the increasing demand of being part of the story behind the scenes. People want to know what’s going on, they want to have a story to connect with. Maybe it’s a reaction on the detaching world of the internet. In an effort to draw closer together and because we want to identify our selfs with a certain lifestyle.
What I notice is that if something connects with me, can be anything from music to a product or a person, something awakens my curiosity. I just need to know what happens behind the curtain. My curiosity lies in what you don't see but still is there. A very importante part of the hole spectrum. The part of the iceberg below the water. The part in te shadow. The blood, sweat and tears.
This is the part where something is built from and built on, the fundament. I think, I don’t need to explain how importante this part is and how vulnerable at the same time. Because when we built on the wrong fundaments sooner or later it will collaps like a house of cards.

This “Glimpse behind the scenes” is something that you can apply on many levels and with every stap you will descend deep and deep until you reach the centre of our being.
the stages are, end product - design phase - original idea - a privation or desire of the inventor - the centre of the conscious or subconscious story of the inventor.
These last two phases show a real glimpse behind the scenes of a person. This is the part I love the most. If we may watch behind the mask we get to see the pure version of that person. You could call it a soul connection.
When I meet people on this level I’m craving for more. My deepest desire is to drain the information out of them. Like an enthusiastic puppy I’m like “Tell me more, tell me more!”
As a kid I would imagine that I could become invisible and then hitch a ride to observe, to hear, to feel what motivates that person. What drives him, moves him and what makes him unique. To find out that the story is behind that person.
To emotionally allow others it ask for courage and strength. Strength in vulnerability, to expose yourself and the courage to know who you are in every colour you have within you. If you know the source of this power and you can control it and apply it into your work, I believe you get magic! Because when you control this power, and you know your center, you can effect others on soul level. This is because you put a little bit of yourself into everything you make or produce.
And why does it hit the other person? Well because the subconscious hooks on to the personal story of the spectator. Subconscious because when you respond to something in your environment your first response is from an emotion or a sensational point of view. Before you even notice why you feel attractive to something or someone your hole system already responded.
I discovered that when I feel attracted to something or someone my personal story is attaches to the story of the person behind the product or piece.
My conclusion; it’s not only importante to show the story behind your product but also go and search for you own personal story behind your curtains. I want to invite you…..go travel……and find yourself in every possible way……and let miracles guide you. Take them with you in your own story’s and show the world who you are.
I wish you an unforgettable voyage of discovery.
With love

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