Hi beautiful people, I’m Tanja van Wijk and just like you, my life has a story.
Let me tell you just a little bit about it. I was born in Holland, where I lived most of my life. I studied in Amsterdam on the AMFI (Amsterdam fashion institute). After graduation I worked for several fashion company's in Amsterdam but I didn’t feel at home, so in 2009 I started my own business as a (fashion) print designer. Back to creating from the heart and drawing by hand again was fulfilling. I got to work at al sorts of wonderful and different kind of projects. In this period of time I did not only grow in my work but also as a family and I got to be a mom of two kids.
In 2018 I embarked on a new path and signed me up for a 3 year course, “Professional Communication”. At first it really looked like a total different direction but it got me closer to myself and made me look differently, not only at myself but also at the people around me. It made my interest in the human being and 'their faces’ grow and so the seed, for my work ‘Faces to Face’, was planted.
But as always, life has surprises and in the middle of 2021 we moved to Switzerland with our Familie of four. A new country, a new start. Here the seed that was planted started to grow into the paintings of the woman figures you see on my website today. 
Faces to face is about the story that it evokes within you when you see her.
What do you see?
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